EAGLE solution, Networking for data acquisition & processing in real-time

EAGLE boxes act on acquisition cards as a NAS act on hard drives.

TechwaY's acquisition solutions, called EAGLE, pull out acquisition stages of real-time calculators to share it with the communication network.
As NAS, EAGLE solutions are ready-to-use and user-friendly. Data processing algorithms are included and configurable thanks to an intuitive WEB interface.
TechwaY gives you an easy access to complex technologies (FPGA, high-speed ADC, etc.). Our mission is to reduce costs, risks and development time of your project with pre-integrated solutions. http://www.techway.fr/files/techway/produits/TW-EAGLE-A

Scalability of EAGLE solution allows an evolution of your systems and eases the integration thanks to 10 GbEth standardized communication interfaces.

EAGLE is a major evolution for multichannel acquisition systems.
EAGLE product line offers you:

Our EAGLE solutions are used for major projects as European Space Agency projects or to equip new passive RADARS.