Remove thermal turbulences & radiation noise on nuclear core inspection


Techway presents a powerful video-deblurring tool dedicated to the nuclear-power-plants maintenance operations. Our tool, in service in all French EDF power plants, reduces the duration of maintenance operations. 


  • Increased quality of assemblies video 
  • Reduced risk of stuck assemblies
  • Reduced duration of maintenance operations
  • Ready-to-use: requires no specific calibration 


This system, developed in close co-operation with EDF, helps maintenance operators to ensure the quality of their assemblies inspection. NOTURB® filters sub-aquatic videos of the assemblies by digital processing. It eliminates turbulence caused by the fuel assemblies. NOTURB® also brings a valuable help to the operators in assemblies identification, and enables them to make accurate gap measurements.


NOTURB® processes videos in real time, and allows live camera video processing.

It records both raw and processed videos. The device offers a user-friendly interface and is controlled by keyboard/mouse.


  • Patented algorithm to restore blurred video


  • Real-time video processing capabilities
  • Raw and processed video storage
  • Live video processing
  • Rugged systems compliant with nuclear reactor environment
  • Video formats: .avi, .mpeg, .mp4, .ts, .vob (DVD)

Find out more about NOTURB® on our dedicated page.

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