Cost effective sFPDP (Vita 17.1) platform with FPGA procesing

    PFC : Platform for CoaXpress acquisition and FPGA processing





The PFP-KX7 is a versatile PCIe Gen2 FPGA platform based on the the new Kintex 7 FPGA.

The PFP K7 sFPDP frame grabber is a flexible platform implementing a 3, 4, 6 or 8 sFPDP channels with receive and transmit engine for high performance data processing.

Our PFP K7 FPGA platform can support up to 10Gb/s data link and is fully dimensionned to implement the vita 17.1 sFPFP standard (Flow control, CRC, framed/unframed, Copy/loop mode), offering 2,5 Gb/s data rate per link.

Our PFP-KX7 Carrier has a dual banks 1GB DDR3 SDRAM available for ultra-deep FIFOs for applications where high elasticity is required.

The board is compliant with copper or fiber SFP interface. The board is delivered with a SDK for Linux and Windows.

Our sFPDP Kintex7 solution is delivered as a ready to use grabber.

Its FPGA is open to customization for specifics projects (on demand).

Features :

  • Up to 8 Channels sFPD
  • VITA 17.1-2003 (R2009) compliant
  • PCIe short form factor format
  • PCIe 4 lanes Gen 2 (16Gb/s)
  • Users I/O connector (18 I/O + 2 HSS)
  • FPGA KINTEX-7 (KX 325 or KX 410)
  • Two DDR3 memory banks up to 1GB
  • One RLDRAM2 memory bank of 128MB
  • 1600Mb/s rate for DDR3
  • 800Mb/s rate for RLDRAM2
  • 800Mb/s rate for FMC I/O
  • Low power
  • Power supply, temperature, fan monitoring
  • Optical Fiber LC or Copper connector SFP+


Datasheet for the sFPDP solution