Quality Policy

TECHWAY is a high-technology company in digital Electronics, the vocation of which is to bring, innovative and competitive solutions to its customers and offer them the possibilities to make high-level equipment and get competitive advantages on the international markets.

The Quality policy is declined at the operational level in quantified and evaluated objectives. We are committed to work in close collaboration with our customers, to understand their needs and answer their requirements through a range of products and innovative Engineering services. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is the foundation of our organization on which we rely to:

  • Reach customers satisfaction
  • Develop our technicality
  • Develop our skills

The Customer Satisfaction is the engine of TECHWAY growth strategy.

Our QMS aims at guaranteeing our customers the conformity with their requirements, the conformity with their requirements, the respect for deadlines and for costs, in a dynamic of risks control.

The capitalization of our know-how is the second major point of our growth strategy. The re-use of our know-how is a key success factor for our competitiveness. Customers benefit from better cost, delivery time, and reduced the risk. Reuse of know perpetuates TECHWAY activities contribute in customer satisfaction. The QMS with its mastered documentation allows to capitalize the accumulated experience and the associated know-how.

The management is committed on the implementation and the improvement of the QMS by providing the necessary material and human resources.

Objectives are defined by the management and shared with all the staff who implements them. These objectives are updated regularly and readjusted if needed during management reviews.

The Quality policy is spread to the entire staff to allow each one understand the company strategy as well as the implemented tactics to execute it.

The implication of all is required and it is a key for the company success.

Certificate ISO9001

General Sales Terms and Conditions

  • Any order formulated by the Buyer (hereinafter also referred to as “the Client”) involves absolute acceptance by the Client and its full and entire agreement with the General Sales Terms and Conditions of TECHWAY (hereinafter also referred to as “the Company TECHWAY” or “TECHWAY”).

  • Download the full General Sales Terms and Conditions