Detection of the spatial scrap

In September 2012, ESA had boosted European industrial expertise by developing a new radar as part of the agency Space Situational Awareness program. The radar will test future debris detection technics, helping European satellite operators avoid space hazards and increasing safety in Earth orbit.

ESA and French ONERA – Office National d’Etudes et Recherches Aérospatiales – research center have signed a €4 million contract that will allow the French organization and five industrial partners in France, Spain and Switzerland to design a test surveillance radar and develop a demonstrating model.

TechwaY will be in charge of developing the digital receiver which takes place in the heart of the new radar. 
The aim of this radar is to detect in space very small scrap, smaller than current detected pieces. It is especially important to warn satellite operators of collision risks and allow them to run shunting handling.

Benefits are :
  • Allow Europeans satellite operator to avoid space hazards
  • Increase hearth orbit safety
  • Test and validate heart-orbiting scrap observation technics
  • Allow shunting handling.

Thanks to this project, TechwaY design a brand new processing system based on smart cabinet. This system digitalizes and preprocesses a wide number of channels in real time. 


A unique ready to use multi-channels system for data acquisition and real time processing

Features are :

  • 16 Analogs to digital acquisition channels per smart cabinet,
  • Up to 8 synchronized cabinets,
  • Real time preprocessing,
  • Preprocessed data send to processing unit through GigaBit Ethernet link,
  • Remote control of the cabinet through Ethernet interface (web/SNMP).

The solution is suitable to a wide range of acquisition and processing applications.
The smart coffret is ideal solution to manage large number of channels in real-time.

For more information : ESA source: project spatial debris.