Technical expertise

What makes us different?

TechwayOur engineers are involved in both research activities and projects for our clients. Our clients thus benefit from our deep understanding of our partners products, and the twin abilities of our engineers.
Our product offer can be easily customized to your requirements.

Techway innovation

As a further service to our clients, TechwaY offers research and development facilities, in which we work in conjunction with leading french research laboratories. This research activity is directed at exploiting FPGA technology to provide solutions to advanced processing and communication problems with the aim of marketing innovative products.

Design and engineering services

TechwaY offers engineering and customization services for signal and image processing applications using FPGA solutions.
These services are executed by engineering staff with twin skill sets: signal and image processing on the one hand, expertise in digital electronics and HDL programming on the other hand. These services are available for projects which implement products and solutions marketed by TechwaY.